1957 : The voice of Destiny

The voice of Destiny

33 tours

Bob photos 33 tours.jpg



01 - Kalenda Rock 



02 - I'll do anything you say 



03 - Love your spell is everywhere 



 04 - Cecilia My Love 



 05 - Calypso Rock 



 06 - Buzz me, Baby 



 07 - The Nearness of You



 08 - Ol' Man River 



 09 - Foggy Day 



 10 - Lover 




Le premier disque de Bob Destiny, présenté par Robert Sherman (1957)


  " Once in a blue moon a singer comes along with that rare certain something known as talent. It does not happen often. The great popular singer can be counted on ten fingers. They have been some great voices but onlY a chosen few find lasting public favor.

Their must be a sense of communion between artist and listener and then too, the song idea must be conveyed with good taste, showmanship and appeal. I first heard Bob Destiny at the Oasis Club in Los Angeles on rainy evening last november. The audience loved that guy and there was immediate response after each song. His versatility was amazing. Range of voice, concept, phrasing and tonal quality very much in evidence. Besides, here, I knew, was an artist deeply immensed in his work with great sincerity and feeling.

   This is BOB DESTINY's first album...



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